FCA Statement of Requirements is one of those documents,  considered when the organization is presenting the offer for new business, which is reflected in many Customer Specific Requirements published on the IATF website.

The first document, which is referenced in SoR, is Basic Requirement Check List. It corresponds to the following requirements from IATF:

  • – Conformance of products and processes
  • – Plant, facility and equipment planning

Details concerning the application of the Basic Requirement Check List as CSR, FCA regulates in standards FGP.01 (SoR) and FGP.39.

The second document, which is referred by FCA as CSR, and which is contained in SoR, is the Additional Quality Requirements (AQR), which is corresponding to requirement 8.2.2. – determining the requirements for product and services. More details about this document are presented in separate publication.

The next point that FCA refers as CSR linked to SoR is information for customer directed-sources (“Direct-Buy”) referred to requirement At this point, the customer specifies all requirements relating to the suppliers indicated by him, starting from signing contract agreements by the organization, and ending on the management of such sub-suppliers for current production.

In addition to referencing standard in this section, the customer further informs that if the organization has one or more “Direct-buy” suppliers, then in the development phase client is responsible for the Process Planning Review, Process Audit and Production Demonstration Run, until the Full Approval of the Component. At this stage, the organization should participate together with the client in the activities in the “Direct-Buy” sub-supplier, unless otherwise agreed by the customer. However, in the case of current production, the organization is responsible for managing the current quality topics of the such sub-suppliers, working with the client to solve topics.

The last document, that is FCA CSR referring to the IATF requirement 7.4 (Communication), are Forever Requirements. In these requirements, the client, among others things, informs about the need for a proactive approach of the organization in case of quality and logistic issue occurring. Additionally defines the approach in which the organization should proceed in case of request approval by the customer regarding any change in the process, product and sub-suppliers. If the above requirements are not met, the client reserves the right to issue a quality complaint with reference to the 08018 standard named as Forever Requirement Voilation. Finally, this approach may also lead to the opening of Quality New Bussiness on Hold.

In addition, these requirements are also present in section (Information for external suppliers – supplement). In this section client informs about the FR transfer down the supply chain to the point of manufacture.