BMW CSR training

Customer Specific Requirements management

Training agenda:

1. Introduction to BMW Group specific requirements based on IATF: 16949:2016 and VDA
  • BMW requirements to IATF: 16949:2016 specification
  • „Lastenheft” as a basic technical specification
  • LSV – source of specific BMW requirements
2. Project management:
  • Characteristic of the customer milestones based on the BMW ABC flayer  (from BBG to SERIAL PRODUCTION)
  • Quality requirements for a particular design phase
  • Additional requirements for individual milestones (part status, Cpk, process readiness etc.)
  • Interpretation of the project plan based on the “STPPP”
3. Statistical Process Control based on GS 98000 (VDA 5):
  • Requirements for process capability (Cm/Cmk, Pp/Ppk, Cp/Cpk)
  • Analysis of measurement systems (MSA / R&R)
4. PPAP on the customer portal based on the VDA volume 2
  • PPAP phases
  • Characteristics of documents and the process on the portal IPQ
5. Complaints management in the database TQP (Part Quality Production and Logistics):
  • The problem elimination process based on the standard GS 95015
  • The methodology of creating the 8D report and its scoring
  • Characteristics of the TQP platform (searching for complaints, CR reports and checking PPM levels)
6. Overview of customer forms and documentation:
  • GS 90017 – Continuous assurance of product reliability in series production
  • GS 91008 – FMK
  • GS 91001/2/4 – Product marking
7. Special characteristics and their marking based on the GS 91011
8. Managing suppliers based on the LPKM NEXT database
9. Platforms supporting contact, exchange of files and information with BMW (TEREG, PARS II, PANAMA):
  • archiving files on the PARS II platform
  • searching for the BMW specifications on the TEREG platform
  • file exchange between the supplier and BMW on the PANAMA platform
10. Product and process re-qualification in accordance with GS 90018-1 / 2
11. Audit of the product and process in the context of customer requirements (PZS – Process Series)
12. Supplier Warranty Status – rules for warranty returns managing

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Automotive Quality Solutions
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Training program

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Download training program (PDF)

Automotive Quality Solutions

Thanks to BMW CSR training participant will learn:

  • Correct interpretation of BMW requirements with respect to IATF and how to manage them effectively
  • How to interpret and retrieve data from the supplier assessment that the BMW Group carries out for a supplier
  • Understand the major standards in cooperation between customer and supplier
  • Get practical insights in cooperation with customer locations located in Europe
  • Which launch phases are present in the BMW terminology and what must be completed in each pre-launch phase by the supplier and customer

Automotive Quality Solutions

Benefits for the company:

  • Thanks to BMW CSR training You will accelerate response times when reporting quality problems at client sites
  • Complete the platform with PPA documentation
  • Positive impact on long-term relationship building with customer representative and the customer’s quality department through a practical knowledge of the specific customer requirements
  • Accelerate response times when reporting quality problems at client sites by gaining knowledge about residents who have built a very good relationship with the customer quality department
  • How to interpret project phases for BMW

Automotive Quality Solutions


2 days (each 7 hours)


Dates of training:

21.11-22.11.2022 – online open training session



– 790 EUR for one participant

In case of 2 or more participants from the same plant offer 10% discount on the second and all other participants.

The invoice due date will be 30 days from the invoice issue date. The invoices for the services will be issued after the service delivery.


Price include:

  • Training participation
  • Training materials
  • Certificate

For details related to in-house training sessions, please get in touch with office.