FMEA training

according to AIAG and VDA requirements

FMEA training agenda:

The aim of the training is to familiarize participants with the new approach to FMEA Risk Analysis according to VDA and AIAG requirements. The training covers the changes compared to the currently applicable FMEA described in the reference manuals VDA and FMEA according to AIAG. Participants will gain practical knowledge in planning, implementation, supervision, and documentation of FMEA according to the 7-step approach, including the 5T method.

1. Review of the principles of risk analysis according to the new approach

2. Purpose and scope of FMEA

3. Organization of FMEA analysis with necessary resources

4. Role and composition of the team

5. “Failure Mode” – an approach to defining non-conformities

6. 5T – intent, team, timing, tools, tasks

7. DMEA / PFMEA – analysis according to the 7-step approach, covering planning, implementation, and supervision

8. Input data for the Control Plan

9. Discussion of the assessment table and the AP coefficient

10. Reviews, supervision, and updating of FMEA

11. Summary

It is possible to extend the training with an additional workshop day based on the organization’s documentation.

Training addressees:

Customer quality engineers

External customer quality representatives

Process engineers

New launch engineers

Project managers

Team members working in interdisciplinary teams

FMEA moderators

Maintenance personnel

Logistics personnel

Internal system and process auditors

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Training program

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Automotive Quality Solutions

Benefits for the company:

  • Optimizing the APQP/VDA MLA (RGA) launch plan for new projects using FMEA
  • Getting familiar with the required techniques and tools for auditing FMEA
  • Practical organization of workshops to optimize and update PFMEA
  • Understanding the reference manual requirements
  • Learning best practices in FMEA based on the trainer’s extensive experience
  • Acquiring knowledge about conducting analysis of potential errors and their effects during product design stage. This allows for early problem identification and implementation of design optimizations, resulting in more efficient production processes and improved performance

Automotive Quality Solutions


Duration: 2 days



To organize inhouse training sessions or internal online sessions for companies, please get in touch with office.

The invoice due date will be 30 days from the invoice issue date. The invoices for the services will be issued after the service delivery.


Price include:

  • Training participation
  • Training materials
  • Certificate

FMEA training Automotive Quality Solutions