Dojo - operator on production

DOJO – how to effectively perform onboarding for production employees

DOJO term comes from Japanese and defines a place for combat sports training. The automotive industry borrowed this phrase and used it to perform onboarding training for production employees. The very idea relates to the transfer of all necessary knowledge "off the production line" before the employee starts working in the standard cycle at the station.

Risk analysis - automotive plant

Risk Analysis in relation to IATF requirements

Risk analysis are defined activities aimed at achieving a better result of the production facility. It should also be remembered to properly integrate them in the Quality Management System (QMS) in relation to the given business processes.

Raport 8D-Closing Audit

8D Report – Closing Audit

The last step during problem solving using the 8D methodology is step D8. It refers to the recognition of the team's contribution. One of the stages that can be assigned to it is the Closing Audit, which ensures the certainty of an effective analysis.


Teamwork and effective problem solving

Just like in team games, during problem solving without the right team with the right skills, we'll not be able to go through the entire analysis process at the time - or at best it will be very difficult.

FORD SCCAF – how to manage a customer’s Special Characteristics

FORD SCCAF – how to manage a customer’s Special Characteristics

FORD SCCAF is used in the process of Special Characteristics selecting, identifying and supervising. It contains data from DFMEA and PFMEA and, thanks to the involvement of key functions (Ford PD, STA, supplier) early in the life of the project, allows to reduce the risk associated with a lack of quality.