A3 Report - team meeting

A3 Report – Knowledge Compendium

A3 Report is a quality tool that has been disseminated in Toyota production facilities. By presenting all the information in a simple and coherent structure, it has also been appreciated by other companies.

risk management in the automotive sector

Risk management in the Automotive sector

In the era of increasing volatility, uncertainty and complexity of the world, the experiences of companies show instability and a tendency to risk, which can surprise practically every company in the world. For this reason, it is crucial for organizations to plan effective risk management that allows appropriate actions implementation and anticipatory decisions.

customer quality engineer

What competencies must have customer quality engineer

Customer quality engineer is one of the most important in the company. This is mainly due to its specificity, which combines cooperation with the customer representatives and the organization's team members. When preparing to take up this position, it's worth getting to know the main competences that affect work efficiency.

Turtle Diagram

How to describe company processes using Turtle Diagram

One of the basic activities that are carried out as part of the Quality Management System is the appropriate description of the company's processes. The Turtle Diagram is a practical tool that allows to complete this stage of creating a Process Cards.

Identification and Traceability - process flow

What is the difference between Identification and Traceability

Identification and traceability are two crucial terms which are very important from produced part status managing point of view. In addition, it is an important element of the quality problem analysis, as it allows to reduce the suspect population of parts and thus reduce costs.

Incoming Inspection - part measurement

Incoming Inspection – 3 management strategies

Incoming Inspection is designed to detect non-compliant parts from sub-suppliers, before they reach the production line. When planning it, it is worth knowing the strategies that will help in its better management.