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CQI-14 Automotive Warranty Management

CQI-14, also known as industry best practice guidelines, aim to promote the development of customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of the warranty management program by reducing associated risks and, consequently, decreasing the number of warranty returns.

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Best Books for Quality Engineers

In a world of dynamic changes and continuous improvement, the role of a quality engineer becomes crucial to the success of every organization. The best books for quality engineers will provide you with a solid theoretical foundation but will also inspire you to take appropriate actions in this area.

welding system assessment according to CQI-15

Welding System Assessment according to CQI-15

In the realm of manufacturing, where quality is a pivotal element, the welding process is emerging as one of the most crucial aspects of production. A meticulous assessment of the welding system not only defines the durability and functionality of products but also influences safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. In the industry, this is encapsulated by the CQI-15 manual.