IATF 16949 - production car plant

IATF 16949 – What is it?

IATF 16949 is the international quality management standard in the automotive industry, specifying the requirements for the Quality Management System (QMS) of suppliers.

5S in production facility

5S – 5 steps to improve the work environment

A safe, ergonomic and standardized workplace is certainly a place where an employee is able to perform their work in the most effective way. One of the basic tools associated with Lean Management is 5s, whose complete implementation allows you to create the desired work environment.

VDA MLA automotive assembly plant

VDA MLA – What are benefits of Maturity Level Assessment application?

Automotive is one of the most competitive and demanding in the world. To maintain their advantage and meet customer demands, companies must constantly strive to improve the quality and reliability of their products. One of the effective ways to achieve these goals is the implementation of the Maturity Level Assessment according to VDA manual.

Error proofing vs. Mistake proofing

Error proofing vs. Mistake proofing

Error proofing (EP) and Mistake proofing (MP) are two techniques used to minimize failures in production processes. Their main goal is to detect and eliminate errors in the initial stages of the process before they affect the final product from quality point of view.

Pre-launch Control Plan

Pre-launch Control Plan

During new projects implementation, one of the IATF standard requirements is the implementation of the Pre-launch Control Plan. Its main purpose is to increase the quality assurance for the delivered product by increasing the control net.

LPA audit

LPA audit – What are benefits for plant management?

Layered Process Audit performing is an important element of the organization's functioning maturity. In addition, it brings many benefits to the management, starting from opportunity to better understand the company production processes.

Yard Hold

Everything You need to know about Yard Hold

Yard Hold is one of the escalation tools used by some customers in the automotive industry. It can pose many problems in terms of cost burdens, loss of customer satisfaction and reputation. For this reason, it is worth knowing how to manage it.

A3 Report - team meeting

A3 Report – Knowledge Compendium

A3 Report is a quality tool that has been disseminated in Toyota production facilities. By presenting all the information in a simple and coherent structure, it has also been appreciated by other companies.