Everything You Need To Know About Cooperation

Stellantis FCA ebook

We invite you to download a 40-page elaboration that explains the following issues regarding cooperation with Stellantis-FCA EMEA/LATAM:

  • What you need to do to set up a subscription for actual customer specific requirements (CSR) using?
  • How to set up a subscription to ensure the use of current standards and norms from the beStandard portal
  • Before pre-launch phase – what documents production plant should receive from their engineering and sales
  • FGP.42 Sourcing Package – why You should know and have it
  • Pre-launch phase – that is everything about Advanced Quality Planning
  • PPAP audit requirements are common for AQP and Process Audit
  • First Process Audit in development phase
  • Production Demonstration Run – best practice
  • Special status – what to pay attention to during cooperation with Stellantis-FCA EMEA/LATAM
  • Client portals – eSupplierconnect and MaPS
  • Why Stellantis-FCA Forever Requirements are so important for suppliers?
  • Additional Quality Requirements which has to be known by supplier