Stellantis-FCA Additional Quality Requirements AQR

Stellantis-FCA Additional Quality Requirements AQR are one of those quality documents that are directly identified in the latest revision of customer specific requirements (CSR) for IATF 16949: 2016 on the IATF website.

In order to identify the above document, reference should first be made to Supplier Quality Sourcing Package (SQSP) which is identified in standard FGP.42 (ex-FGP.01). It’s also named as Statement of Requirement (SoR) and is attached by the customer to the sourcing package. The section in the IATF that assigns the SoR as a customer specific requirement is 8.2.2 “Determining the requirements for product and services.”

Organization unfamiliarity of Additional Quality Requirements can have very serious consequences in cooperation with Stellantis-FCA client. Each dedicated organization plant to the production of components for a new launch should be aware of the existence of such a document and should meet all the requirements contained therein.

There are two main reasons why organizations may not be aware about AQR

The first one concerns a scenario, when AQR’s were signed by a person from organization management, a few months earlier during sourcing phase approval, without analyzing it. The second scenario is, when a manufacturing plant is not involved in a sourcing process.  This situation unfortunately happens in the vast majority of cases. In such cases document is approved by the organization’s central business unit without informing the dedicated plant.

An ideal solution would be when the dedicated plant had an APQP interdisciplinary team. The main goal of them would be able to analyze Additional Quality Requirements in the phase1: “Product planning and identification”. This requirement should be assigned to point 1.1 – Voice of Customer.

AQR is evaluated by the client both during the Advance Quality Planning (AQP) and PPAP Process Audit (PA). At the AQP kick-off meeting, these requirements, together with the Statement of Requirement, should be reviewed together with the Client.

During joint meeting both parties can verify that all open points indicated by the potential supplier during the sourcing phase have been discussed and adequately addressed. In new version of Process Audit such requirements can be found in questions: 17.2 and 17.3.

In addition, the organization must ensure that all requirements which are contained in the AQR must be communicated throughout the supply chain. Obviously if requirements also apply to activities carried out by them. This requirement is verified in the Process Audits in the Tier 2 management section.

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