VDA 2 training

Production process and product approval

VDA 2 training agenda:

1. VDA2 Edition 6, April 2020 – Idea and Scope of Changes:

  • Purpose
  • Application

2. Discussion of PPA in the context of current requirements for product and process approval in the automotive industry

3. Description of the approval process flow from the supplier/client perspective

4. Events initiating the PPA procedure

5. Agreements and implementation of the PPA procedure with consideration of the reference manual appendix

6. Obligations of the supplier, client, and end customer

7. New requirements set by the manual for the product and process

8. Discussion panel

9. Summary

10. Knowledge test on the guidelines of the VDA 2 manual

Training addressees:

  • Quality Assurance Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Process Engineers
  • Production Managers
  • Supplier Quality Engineers
  • Anyone involved in the approval of production parts and processes

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Automotive Quality Solutions
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Training program

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Automotive Quality Solutions

After finishing the VDA 2 training, participants will learn:

  • understanding VDA 2 requirements
  • aspects of project management in the automotive industry
  • the benefits of advanced product quality planning regarding product approval
  • preparing evidence and documentation for the approval of the production process and product by the client according to VDA

Automotive Quality Solutions

Benefits for the company:

  • Optimization of the launch plan for new projects and effective change management in ongoing production
  • Familiarization with required techniques and tools

Automotive Quality Solutions


1 day


Date of open training:

20.11.2024 – online open training



– 400 EUR for one participant

In case of 2 or more participants from the same plant offer 10% discount on the second and all other participants.

The invoice due date will be 30 days from the invoice issue date. The invoices for the services will be issued after the service delivery.

There is also possibility to organize in-house training sessions or internal online sessions for companies – for details, please get in touch with office.

On client demand there is a possibility of training extending with an additional workshop day.


Price include:

  • Training participation
  • Training materials
  • Certificate