Why knowing and understanding Ford CSR specific requirements is so important

Ford Motor Company, like almost all OEMs, has defined its own specific, individual requirements CSR for Suppliers in the Automotive industry. What makes them different? Why should you participate in this training in order to understand them and implement them correctly?

There are several answers and, importantly, each of them is correct. Ford CSR are one of the widest, most extensive in the Automotive industry. Ford regulates each of the production phases with its specific requirements – from the design development phase, through serial production, to field issues management which is currently starting to be highlighted based on fact that in IATF there are several requirements related to this area.

Ford CSR - how affecting Supplier QMS

With its requirements, Ford CSR covers not only quality issues, but also software, logistics and engineering. In addition, meeting most of Ford’s requirements determines Suppliers to correctly report or archive them.
As if that was not enough, the multitude of applications on the Customer Portal that are necessary to ensure its proper operation is significant, and learning about them will definitely make your presence at our training easier.

Is this the end of what you should know? Definitely not! How we are assessed by Ford, what are the consequences (both positive and negative), how we have to prove to Ford the fulfillment of the requirements set for Suppliers, when we can become a Supplier with a Q1 Quality Award, how we can lose Q1 , what should be done to maintain the status of a Q1 supplier is how to approve the product (note: the product is approved “in phase”) for serial production in the customer’s factories – you will learn all this and more during our training.

If you were wondering whether it is worth participating in the training “Ford CSR – Customer Specific Requirements management” – we hope that your doubts have been dispelled and the answer can be only one – it’s worth it!

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