During automotive warranty management it’s worth to know about available software which supports organization in cost saving and prediction of quality spills from field.

The warranty period is the most valuable time for the supplier from the data perspective because it provides relatively extensive information about complaints, part replacements or fault scenarios by particular OEM customers. Furthermore, the OEM complaints are regularly linked to debit notes for the supplier in this period. Therefore, it is essential for the supplier to check the incoming complaints and claims for plausibility, to analyze the fault scenarios from the field and thus draw conclusions and allow predictions on the part behavior along the lifetime or mileage.

Such an intelligent solution is provided by our business partner DSA SKYLYZE which provides analysis on the following core topics:

  • intelligent and automated claim check
  • automated field observation
  • ad hoc field data analysis
  • prediction of product reliability and warranty cost by means of suitable analytics methods and special dashboards.

The SKYLYZE Warranty Management Solution is a powerful tool which helps to save significant warranty related costs and helps to fulfill growing requirements of Automotive Norms and OEMs.

For further information visit the warranty management site of DSA SKYLYZE.